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ALTERNATIVES In time for the 2018/19 academic year, there were 625,714 purpose- built student accommodation (PBSA) beds available to the UK’s full-time student population which stands at just under 1.8 million students. Student accommodation – a reflection of a modern society By Russell Hefferan and David Feeney, Associates, Student Accommodation Advisory O n average, there are two non-commuting students for every purpose-built bed meaning that the sector remains structurally undersupplied with accommodation. Student accommodation has undergone fundamental changes in recent years in terms of design and functionality and demand remains strong with the average price of a new en-suite bed at £148 p/w broadly in line with that observed last year (in real terms). In many ways, purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) reflects the changing requirements of today’s students, catering to the ever-important student experience that universities strive to offer. As such, providers have become increasingly innovative in the way that their accommodation is offered, with technological advancements and sustainability playing a significant role in recent innovations. With social space becoming a priority for many private providers who aim to encourage student interaction, we are increasingly seeing a trend towards more compact PERSPECTIVES 14 ALTERNATIVES