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We live in a data driven digital world and how we work and live with it is a running theme through many of the articles in this latest issue of Perspectives. In our lead story we look at sustainability and how analysing the big data produced by our real estate assets is fundamental to the future of performance, cost reduction and governance of portfolios for occupiers and investors. Data also has the ability to make us smarter in how we use our energy and with carbon emissions needing to be close to zero by 2050 we investigate on page 7 the possibility that residential flexibility could be key to the future of UK energy. We are teetering on the edge of the fourth industrial revolution and the digital economy is at the centre of it. In Viva La Revolucion, page 20, Richard Pickering looks to previous revolutions to discuss the opportunities and the challenges ahead. One things for sure, the digital world has spearheaded a different way of working and flexible workspace had its greatest growth year to date in 2017. In an article written by our Flexible Leasing Solutions team on page 18, we look at the WeWork effect on this sector across the UK. With all this data now in play, it’s no surprise that businesses are moving to cloud based solutions. But does this mean the end for the in-house data centre? On page 16, our data centre team investigate this point and also discuss the 5 key points that every CFO should know about their data centre real estate. There are many more articles and view points in this issue of Perspectives and whether you are reading it digitally, or have a hard copy in your hands, we hope you find them informative and interesting. We would be delighted to hear your views, either directly through your contacts at Cushman & Wakefield or, as this digital world now invites, through social media using the hashtag #CWPerspective18. LEAD STORY • 03 Sustainability in real estate is less green environment and more corporate governance and big data and analytics are central to this. OPINION • 07 In order to meet goals set in the 2015 Paris Agreement, carbon emissions must be close to zero by 2050 and residential flexibility is key to the future of UK energy TOPICAL • 18 The WeWork effect on Flexible Workspace in the UK regions #TRENDING • 20 As we move toward the fourth revolution – the digital economy, what are the challenges and the opportunities? OPINION • 25 Social responsibility – a personal reflection CITY LIFE • 27 What to do in Cardiff in the coming festive season SECTOR FOCUS • 08 Access to public sector funding to unlock private sector development. What’s available and how do you secure it? TOPICAL • 12 The way we move around cities is changing and the role of carparks as urban infrastructure is uncertain ALTERNATIVES • 14 With a focus firmly on enhancing the student experience, today’s accommodation is a reflection of modern society DATA CENTRE • 16 As businesses move to cloud, is it the end of the ‘in house data centre? This Issue What’s Inside PERSPECTIVES