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Adam Egan talks user experience, community

and co-working with District Technologies

founders Vanessa Butz and Patrick Morselli

at Chiswick Park.

District Technologies

We founded District

as a solution to the

threat that landlords

face, keeping up with

the rapid changes

of an increasingly

digitalised world.

In addition we see

increasing demands

from both small

companies and large

occupiers around

building services and

office experiences



By Adam Egan,

Partner, Occupier


Twitter: @ProperCity

Coworking glitter

The toothpaste is out of the tube.

Occupiers have got a taste for the

minty fresh world of co-working,

and they love it. Occupiers now

expect ‘next-level’ user experience,

community, design and flexibility from

their space …as standard.

Until very recently, traditional

property owners have engaged with

the co-working model by simply

leasing chunks of space on long term

leases to co-working operators. The

hope has been that the co-working

glitter will spill into the rest of their

estate. This worked well – really well.

However, as the co-working operators

expand both footprint and deal size

there is increasingly a realisation

from developers that they are losing

control, creating competition and

ultimately missing a trick.

What if developers could harness

the latest platform technology

to create a more engaging user

experience – their very own blend

of co-working glitter?

Enter District Technologies.