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By Candice



Partner, Head of

Residential, UK


of Living

Earlier this year, we held our ‘Future of Living’ event in front of a

packed auditorium at the Institute of Engineering & Technology.

In the section which follows, my colleagues provide their

reflections on some of the presentations.

Not in recent history has there been such a wave of change

affecting the use, ownership and investment in real estate.

Residential property sits on the front line of this change, having

a diverse consumer component. On the one hand consumer

demands and occupational models are setting an ever higher

bar on matters such as flexibility, design and added services. On

the other, there has never been a stronger imperative to deliver

housing, and to do so in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

We were fortunate to have a world-class rostrum of speakers to

give their views on some of these issues, to cast a glance into how

we might live in the future, and to offer their views on what this

might mean for investment in residential property.

The current pace of change is disruptive and unsettling for

many incumbents, but with change comes both opportunity and

threats. Navigating a path through this change is something that

we are very focussed on at Cushman &Wakefield, and the ‘The

Future of…’ conference series sits as an important component of

our wider Futures programme. Our next event is on the Future

of Shopping, to be held in Autumn. We hope to see you there!